Our Group

We operate in various countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, where we offer our products and services through our branches, apps and websites.

Unity Finance, Zambia

Unity Finance offers loans to formally employed persons in the government and private sectors. With approximately 45 000 active clients, the company ranks amongst Zambia’s top microfinance institutions. Loans are issued exclusively via Unity Finance’s branches, while the Uniapp allows clients to access their accounts, rollover their loans and make a payment via their mobile phones. There are twenty Unity Finance branches throughout the country and the head office is in Lusaka.
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Cobol Loans, South Africa

Cobol Loans started as a branch-based microfinance company, but converted to an online offering in 2013. Today, the company advances short term unsecured loans through its websites www.cobol.co.za and www.dunami.co.za. Cobol has developed a world-class in-house loans management system, UniBos, which is being implemented across the Unifi Credit Group.

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Ultimate Finance, Tanzania

Ultimate Finance is a branch-based micro-finance company located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and services employees in the government and private sectors. With a strong focus on mobile money technology and client service, Ultimate is one of the fastest-growing lenders in East Africa.
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